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  例一 Between the two generations, it is often not their age, ___ their education that causes misunderstanding.
  A. like B. as
  C. or D. but
  答案D。not …but…连接age和education两个单词。
  例二 Reality is not the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, ____ the way they actually are.
  A. as B. or
  C. but D. and
  答案C。题干中not…nor…,but…连接三个the way…短语。
  例三They wanted to charge $ 5, 000 for the car , ______ we managed to bring the price down.
  A.but B.so
  C.when D.since
  1. 连词从形式上说,有单个使用的词,如and,since等;有成对使用的词,如not only…but also,as…as等;还有两个以上的词组合而成的短语连词,如as well as,in order that等。
  例一 A man cannot smile like a child, _____a child smiles with his eyes, while a man smiles with his lips alone.
  A. so B. but
  C. and D. for
  例二 you have mentioned it,I’ll remember to look after your dog when you go traveling.
  A.Before B.If
  C.Now that D.Until
  答案C。Now that为从属连词,表示原因。
  例三 ____I can see , there is only one possible way to keep away from danger.
  A. As long as B. As far as
  C. Just as D. Even if
  答案B。as far as意为“据……”, “就……”,表示程度、深度等。
  2. 连词从来源上说,有本身就是连词的,如and,or等;有一词多“性”的词,如yet,immediately等,除了做副词之外,它们也有连词的用法,在做题时需要留心辨别;还有从动词的分词转化而来的分词连词,如provided,supposing,considering等。
  例一We called the First - Aid Center_______ the traffic accident happened.
  A. immediately
  B. shortly
  C. quickly
  D. hurriedly
  答案A。immediately在这里做连词,相当于as soon as的用法,表示:“…立即就…”。
  例二She came to the scene ______ she heard of the accident.
  A.at the moment
  B.the moment
  C.for the moment
  D.in a moment
  答案B。the moment在这里做连词,相当于as soon as的用法,表示:“…即刻就…”。注意,在使用时the moment前不加介词,后不加连词,不能错误地表述为“at the moment when”
  例三 _____the pain was bad, ______he did not complain.
  A. Although; but
  B. Though; but
  C. Though; yet
  D. Even; still
  答案C。Although /Though和but都是连词,在一个句子中,只能使用一个,不可同时使用。这里的yet充当副词。同样的道理,because和so,一“因”一“果”,也不能同时在一个句子中使用。
  3. 连词从语法作用上说,有并列连词,即连接并列的词、短语或句子,表示并列、递进、转折、因果、选择等等,如and, but, or, nor, so, therefore, yet, however, nevertheless, for, as well as, both…and…, not only…but also…, either…or…, neither…nor…, and then等;
  例一Stand over there you’ll be able to see it better.
  A. or B. while
  C. but D. and
  例二 You have failed two tests. You’d better start working harder, ____you won’t pass the course.
  A. and B. so
  C. but D. or
  例三—— I think George doesn’t really care for TV plays.
  ——Right, he still watches the program.
  A. and B. but
  C. or D. so
  例四Unlike watching TV, reading is a highly active process ______ it requires attention as well as memory and imagination.
  A. until B. but
  C. unless D. for
  (1) 引导名词性从句的连词有:
  例 A story goes ______ Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever and qualified noblemen at court.
  A. when B. where
  C. what D. that
  例 ________ we will build a new power plant hasn’t been decided yet.
  A. If B. what
  C. whether D. that
  ③连接特殊疑问句,表示“5W1H”的who, whose, what, how, where, when, why等。
  例一 After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, ___ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space.
  A. where B. what
  C. that D. how
  例二 You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ______I disagree.
  A. why B. where
  C. what D. how
  例三Parents are taught to understand ____ important education is to their children’s future.
  A. that B. how
  C. such D. so
  ④还有连接事实,表示“无论…”的连词whatever, whenever, wherever, however,
  例一 ______is worth doing and should be done well.
  A.No matter what
  B.No matter whatever
  D.All what
  答案C。特别提醒:注意在名词从句中,不能将Whatever“打开”成No matter whatever,因为No matter whatever只引导状语从句,而Whatever既可以引导名词从句,又可以引导状语从句。
  例二 Give this to ______ you think can do the work well .
  A.who B.whoever
  C.whomever D.whatever
  ①表示时间:when, while, as, before, after, since,until, till, as soon as, the moment(minute,second,…), directly, immediately,every time, the first time,no sooner … than, hardly …when, scarcely … when,whenever,once等。
  例一 —— What was the party like?
  —— Wonderful. It is years ____ I enjoyed myself so much.
  A. after B. before
  C. when D. since
  例二 It is difficult for us to learn a lesson in life ____ we’ve actually had that lesson.
  A. until B. after
  C. since D. when
  例三You can eat food free in my restaurant you like.
  A. whenever
  B. wherever
  C. whatever
  D. however
  例四 —— Did you remember to return the book to our English teacher?
  —— Yes. I gave it to him _________ I saw him.
  A. once B. while
  C. if D. the moment
  例五 _______ she met me, I was only a little girl.
  A. For the first time
  B. The first time
  C. It was the first time
  D. First of all
  例六No sooner had the clerk arrived office _____ he started his computer.
  A. than B. but
  C. when D. then
  例七 _____environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the ecosystem to recover.
  A. Even if
  B. If only
  C. While
  D. Once
  ②表示原因: because, as, since, now that,considering that, seeing that等。
  例一 Parents should take seriously their children’s requests for sunglasses _____ eye protection is necessary in sunny weather.
  A. because B. though
  C. unless D. if
  例二Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot at Canada, ____this was a memory she especially treasured.
  A. as B. if
  C. when D. where
  ③表示条件: if, unless,so long as, in case(万一),on condition that, only if,providing/provided that, suppose/supposing that(倘若假使) 等。
  例一In time of serious accidents, ___we know some basic things about first aid, we can save lives.
  A. whether B. until
  C. if D. unless
  例二 We won’t keep winning games _____we keep playing well.
  A. because B. unless
  C. when D. while
  例三 Leave your key with a neighbor ___ you lock yourself out one day
  A. ever since B. even if
  C. soon after D. in case
  例四 —— What are you going to do this afternoon?
  —— I’ll probably go for a walk later on it stays fine.
  A.as far as B.so long as
  C.even if D.as if
  例五 John's mother allowed him to go swimming ___that he didn't go too far from the bank.
  A. if B. unless
  C. when D. on condition
  ④表示让步: though, although, even if,even though,as(让步倒装),while ( 一般用在句首 ), in spite of the fact that, no matter …,whatever, whoever, wherever, whenever, however, whichever等。
  例一 We had to wait half an hour ______ we had already booked a table.
  A. since B. although
  C. until D. before
  例二Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice, _______ they knew it to be valuable.
  A. as if B. now that
  C. even though D. so that
  例三 We won’t give up we should fail 10 times.
  A.even if B.since
  C.whether D.unti1
  例四Your uncle seems to be a good driver ; ______ ,I wouldn’t dare to travel in his car .
  A.even so B.even though
  C.therefore D.so
  例五 ______ happens, we should never lose hope.
  A.No matter what
  B.no matter whatever
  D.All what
  例六 You should try to get a good night’s sleep much work you have to do .
  A.however B.no matter
  C.although D.whatever
  例七He tried his best to solve the problem, _______difficult it was.
  A. however B. no matter
  C. whatever D although
  ⑤表示方式:as, as if, as though, the way,how等。
  例一 It looked ___ it was going to snow.
  A. as if B. if
  C. as D. whether
  例二 We must do the experiment ______the teacher does.
  A. whatever B. as
  C. how D. when
  ⑥表示目的: that,so that, in order that, in case that, lest, for fear that,in case, for fear that,in the hope that, for the purpose that, on purpose that等。
  例一 Roses need special care _____ they can live through winter.
  A. because B. so that
  C. even if D. as
  例二 My parents live in a small village. They always keep candles in the house _____ there is a power out.
  A. if B. unless
  C. in case D. so that
  例三He whispered to his wife_______ he might wake up the sleeping baby.
  A. so that
  B. on condition that
  C. for fear that
  D. so long as
  ⑦表示结果:so…that, so that, such…that, that等。
  例 His plan was such a good one _____we all agreed to accept it.
  A. so B. and
  C. that D. as
  ⑧表示地点:where, wherever,anywhere, everywhere等。
  例一 If you traveling ____the customs are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do.
  A. in which B. what
  C. when D. where
  例二 —— Mom, what did your doctor say?
  —— He advised me to live _____the air is fresher.
  A. in where
  B. in which
  C. the place where
  D. where

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